Welcome To The TalkWorks Wiki

Welcome to the TalkWorks Wiki.

If you’re at all curious about human communication, then you’re about to hit the mother lode.

The core of this Wiki is an online book that lays open the topic as never before. It’s called The TalkWorks Guide and has been developed over the past decade by two of the world’s leading experts in the field of interpersonal communication: Professor Gerard Egan and Andrew Bailey.

The Guide builds on three previous books co-authored by Egan and Bailey: TalkWorks 1, TalkWorks 2 and TalkWorks@Work. All have been published by BT as part of its Better World investment in social improvement. Well over two million copies of the TalkWorks books have been requested by the public since their first publication in 1998.

Gerry Egan is Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Organisation Development at Loyola University and author of The Skilled Helper, the world’s most widely used textbook in counselling skills. Andrew Bailey is based in London and is a partner (with Peter Osborn) in Dialogics, a consultancy and training organisation specialising in interpersonal communication.

As you explore the Guide, you’ll see that there’s an opportunity at the bottom of on every page for you to submit your comments for inclusion (and accreditation) in future versions. The authors welcome comments that challenge as well as corroborate their published views. If you have any relevant experiences or insights to share, these will be welcomed as well.

The TalkWorks Guide is organised into four sections, as below. Each section contains between 5 and 10 chapters. Each chapter contains between 4 and 10 topics.

Section 1. A new look at communication

Section 2. The Conversation Manager role

Section 3. The Teller/Explainer role

Section 4. The Understander role

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